Democracy is a structure of a government which is influenced by the citizens of the nation. Democracy was coined in 5th century BC and was Athens notably became the first region to bring this uprising. Democracy is totally dependent on the people as the governing power originates from the citizens.

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Democracy in the world


The word “Democracy” explains the form of ruling, government and establishment of any state or country where all the peoples (belonging to different sects, political groups and regional groups) are given equal opportunities to manage the country or national resources for the betterment and improvement of their lives. Democracy also play important role in all the fields of life and country affairs.

The people who are in government or establishment divisions use the rules and techniques of democracy to maintain the state or country laws, constitutions, economic and financial decisions, social and cultural practices and self determination in the political life and movements.

The Democracy in the world is a form of “People’s ruling.” It means that the residents of any states or countries have full freedom and opportunity to decide about their present and future. It was something important about the introduction of “Democracy in the world.” Now move forward to see the role and presence of democracy in different regions and continents of the world. As a matter of fact the world’s strongest and most popular democratic country is United States of America. However, there are countries such as United kingdoms, Germany, France and Italy. The people who want to observe or study the “Democracy in the world” should choose the European countries because these are the best example to study the implementation and enforcement of democratic rules and legislations.

When talking about the democracy in third world countries such as most of Asian countries and African counties then it will become clearer that democracy is present there but not in its pure form. You can find the mixture of democracy and dictatorships in these countries. The factors that affect the Democracy in the world are education, employment, sufficient or insufficient opportunities for the people, strong economical and financial conditions and poverty.