Democracy day

Democracy day or day of democracy is an occasion or event or time when the world celebrates the blessings of democracy.  According to United Nations 15 September is the day for the celebration of International Day of Democracy. The day is celebrated in all the countries of the world where there is democratic way of governance.

However, it was all about the international Democracy day but there are countries that celebrate the day according to their memories and belongings. There are different events and dates that are observed for the celebration of Democracy day in different countries. In this article we will include some examples to clarify the topic.

In United States the Democracy day is observed on Tuesday in November of even figured year. The day is observed in the memory of national legends that played important role for the development and implementation of democracy in United States of America.

The Democracy Day is observed on May 29 in Nigeria. The special day is celebrated to remember the return of democratic government in 1999 after the public movement to eliminate the sources of dictatorships.

A recent example of Democracy Day is found in Nepal. You might be familiar with the Shah Dynasty and Rana dynasty. The day is observed on February 19 because it’s an important and memorable day for the people of Nepal.

Why the Democracy Day is observed in the world? The purpose of this day is to recall the memories and scarifications of the people of any country for the freedom and justice. Nowadays, there are great movements in different parts of the world especially in the Middle East where primitive dictatorships are ready to fall. Just take the example of Egypt and Libya where the people are fighting for their basic rights so it is the movement for the implementation of Democracy.