Best known democracy institutions




The best democratic institutions are the groups or school of thoughts and actions.  These are the organizations or groups of individuals working for the improvement and betterment of the democracy in the world. The countries where the basic human rights are in miserable situations are the main focus of these institutions. The basic purpose of these institutions is to consolidate the diverse political parties and activities in any country or region. What methods do they use? The intensification of democratic institutions is very important to develop good government infrastructures.  There are some important components such as legislative body, National or state Electoral Commission for the observation and regulation of laws and constitutions, the Registration Commission for the political parties, a Commission of Anti-Corruption, the devolution Secretariat and Media that play important role to develop good democracy in any country.
Among the best democratic institutions the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) is popular and famous. It is working for the development and implementation of democracy in Europe. The coverage or working area of this democratic institution is not limited to Europe but it is also functional in many other continents of the world. How OSCE works for the political improvement and awareness? The agenda of OSCE is clear and obvious. The people who want to study the full details about the purposes and agendas of this democratic institution should read the details given in a seminar organized by OSCE in Warsaw, 2004.  
The four basis pillars of all the best known democracy institutions are given below:

  1. self-governing elections and exchange of political ideas
  2. Media
  3. Anti-corruption
  4. devolution and home governance

These are some of the important considerations that are focused by all the best known democracy institutions working in any state or country of the world.