Non governative organizations

Non-governmental Organizations or NGO can be described as a lawfully formed organization established by a legal person or group of people which function from any government. World Bank has described NGOs as private association or organization that engage in activities to allay misery and poverty and functions for the welfare of human and environment by offering social and economic services. History of NGOs retracts to the 19th century in the form of anti slavery movements but the tem caught international fame with the establishment of United Nation organization. United Nations Organizations has many agencies which offer every type of services.


United Nation Organization or UNO is a global organization in order to instate global laws in security, economy, growth, social development, human rights, and global peace. The organization was installed in 1945 after the failure of League of Nations to avert World War II and to enforce peace. League of Nations was established after the aftermath of WWI and was projected as an international community to restore peace but failed hopelessly. UN replaced the organization with a primary goal of installing peace between countries and to stop any global conflict. The organization currently has 192 member states. 192 state members represent 192 countries which have vowed not to indulge in any conflict and have given the authority to UN to enforce peace at any time of uproar.

UN has many organizations which were later founded to work for other global issues. These organizations are termed as UN system organizations which include:

  1. World Health Organization (WHO)

  2. World Food Programme (WFP)

  3. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

UN has its own General Assembly which is composed of the member states and Security Council is in command with preserving peace.

One of the famous international NGO is Amnesty International. Amnesty International was created in London in 1961 in order to pursue actions and practices to avert human right abuse at an international spectrum; the organization also promotes awareness of unlawful activities which violate human rights. The organization works on the basic of human networking and awareness as its aim is to gather communal judgment in order to put forth pressure on illegal governments that abuses human rights. Amnesty International was rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize for its “campaign against torture” in the year 1977 which was followed by the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in the year 1978.

Amnesty International can be described as a powerful organization that has established new standards from its movement against human rights abuse.