The last 10 Democracies in the world



The role of democracy in the development and establishment of a peaceful world is obvious. It is implemented in almost all the courtiers of the world in any form. The last 10 Democracy in the world are the best examples to study the fate and future of democracy in the world. There are many other political systems and school of thoughts but the most important and powerful political system is democracy.

The people who are looking forward to learn about the last 10 Democracy in the world should study the political, social, economical and cultural lifestyles and government styles of following countries.  

  1. Unites states of America
  2. United kingdom
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. Austria
  8. Japan
  9. Turkey
  10. India

These are most important countries of the world where the democracy has deep roots. However, the styles of democracy in each country are different because of social and cultural preferences and impacts. The first 8 countries have developed a full protective democratic system. This system is obvious because the peoples and departments of these countries follow the laws and constitutions. The national constitutions tell the people to find opportunities for different purposes and fields of life.

The condition of last two countries is different than above examples. Turkey is no doubt a powerful democratic country in Europe but it is facing many problems to achieve the goals of democracy. However, the government of   Turkey is now able to decide all the matters and affairs without the pressure of national army. The national army of this country is considered protector of secularism in Turkey. The situation of India is also getting better and it is ready to appear as the world’s most powerful democratic nation. Brazil, argentine and Pakistan are also emerging as strong democratic nations in the world.