Profit Corporations sponsoring democracy in the world



When talking about the democracy in the world the students and experts must focus on the backdoor channels and powers that really affect the democratic systems and infrastructure in different countries of the world. The role of these profit organizations is either beneficial or detrimental for the countries. In both the situations the main benefits and advantages are gone to the profit organizations. In most of the corporate democracy books and articles the role of profit corporations is referred as “Monopoly.”  

How these corporations are propagating monopolies in the world? In this article we will look around the corporate sectors important for the establishment and development of the democracy in the world. However, the multinational and national companies also play important role to support certain political groups and events. They support certain political groups and parties because of specific interests attached with them. In order to find the role of Profit Corporations sponsoring democracy the readers must observe the policies of different national and multinational corporations and companies.

The political groups and parties need funds for the running campaigns and movements. These funds are provided by different sponsoring bodies that might be a company, group of peoples or any business sector. Just take the examples of Profit Corporations sponsoring democracy in United States of America.

The profit corporate popular to provide monetary supports to the governments are as given below:

  1. General Electric
  2. General Motors
  3. Bank of America
  4. Daily Forex
  5. Ford Motor

However, we will include the example of Swiss banks that supported the people of Europe in World War 2. They released funds to the people to improve the life standards once again. By providing financial aids to different countries the Swiss banks developed a strong relationship with the governments of European countries as well as third world countries.